All images on the forum and in galleries are BIGGER

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
We have adjusted some settings so all images uploaded and shared in forum posts will be 900px wide
the whole width of the site is also now wider to acomodate the changes, any wider and it wont be compatible with most peoples pc monitors
we have also set the user info to be above the post so photos wont hang over the edge
any size of image can be uploaded the software will resize

Alistair - if you want to re upload your gallery photos they will now be much bigger.
please delete the images and when uploading the images again can you change the file name of the images before you upload... just to save confusing the software (it happened to me)

slowly, we are getting there with these things!
I haven't uploaded photos to this website before.

When I tell Lightroom to export in JPG to less than 97Kb (the maximum allowed?) it tells me it can't do so. Am I being stupid or if not can someone tell me the best Export settings to use to produce JPG for uploading to RPF - thanks.
Where did you dig this thread out from? It's an old one!
Stick to what your doing already for now is prob the best bet ...
I'm going to come up with a way to expand the forum image hosting a bit better in due course
OK Hamish, I'll keep using my own site, I thought I could put odds and ends on here directly, that's all.

(I found this thread when searching for FAQs or instructions for uploading photos.)