Angelsey Abbey

Paul Lange

A while ago we went to Angelsey Abbey which of course was another chance to take some photos. There's a mixture of different kinds of shots:

This is just something that I noticed while walking under a tree. The areas of light and dark along with the sun behind a tree in the distance.

In one of the garden areas that have a pair of statues with lion bodies and the busts of a woman. I noticed how the ladybirds all clumped together on one part of the head. Also one is taking shelter inside the nostrile.

These are shots for some alternative family photos, I wanted to do something different from the norm and a bit Lomo, hopefully to good effect rather than just using it for the sake of it.



This is an interetsing doorway between gardens, well I found it interesting anyway. I donr 2 versions a High Key Black and White and a lower key version in 16bit.


These are not really finished, nothing ever really is so any comments welcome, apprieciated actually. Might help me to look at them with a fresh set of eyes and ideas.
I very much like the last two, and the second reflection one. The first looks a bit soft - add a bit of sharpening?
Yeah, it is a bit soft, not sure if the lens is a keeper yet. Supposed to be much sharper when zoomed in a little and used around F8 to F16. As you can see this was on its widest setting, hence the filter holder vignetting the corners. I planed to crop it out but quite liked it in the end.
I quite like these ideas, i agree with the sharpening on most if i am honest, but i am a fan of razor sharp pics.....!!

what camera & lens are you using paul........?
The statue head was taken with a Nikon 85mm Macro Lens which is very sharp, the other were taken with a Tamron 10-28mm which isnt particularly sharp I must admit. They tend to be a lot sharper when printed and a lot softer when converted to Jpegs for uploading. Nothing stopping me trying a bit of sharpening though, maybe a High Pass filter sharpening effect. I tend not to like other sharpening tools either in Camera Raw, Nikon View or Photoshop.
That ladybugs image is crazy - well spotted!

Second reflection image is a winner for me - very nice, and a great twist from shooting a standard image.

Like the door in the garden - would have looked great with daughter running off down the path as a 'concept' shot ;)
After your suggestion Tim I sharpened the images and they did look better I must admit. I don't always sharpen every image but I have since read that all digital camera images should be sharpened as a matter of course. The day we went to Anglesey Abbey we took the dogs but they were not allowed in so Kerri and the kids took them on the walk that goes around the outside of the grounds. I run into them when I got to the river and they were on the other side, hence the reflection shots using a polariser. Taking a photo of one of the kids walking through the doorway is a great idea Chris, Couldn't do it that day but I think I will save that idea for when the chance comes along another time.