Away for few days

Laurie Parker

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I am going away in morning until Thursday so wont be about as often as I have been, off to Carmarthenshire to my Mums Caravan, weather not looking good for Monday but looks better tuesday and wednesday so fingers crossed will have some Castle pics when |I get back, off to Kidwelly Castle been meaning to visit for a few times but never got round to it. So if the sky is moody all the better cant beat a moody sky with a castle lol.

I will have an internet connection there but will wait till I get home to upload anything as its only a 2mb connection arghhh will feel like dial up lol.

So hope clicking and as Arnie says I'll be back muhahaha
Have a good time and take some good pics!

As for me, it's the Cropredy Music Festival from Thursday to Sunday. (One of the few Sundays a year I'm not playing guitar in Church!) So I'll be having a lovely time in the middle of a field near Banbury, doing very little but eating, listening to music, relaxing with the family and playing my guitar. We usually get good weather (I've been to every one since 1987) and we've got Rick Wakeman, Status Quo, Little Johnny England, Keith Donnelly and the usual 3 hour set from Fairport Convention to look forward to... amongst other things.

So, can't wait!
One of the joys of running a small company is that holidays are often few and far between. Still my partner Ina arrives from Berlin (Potsdam) on Thursday for a long weekend and the company do at Then she is back again on the 27th for a week with 2 friends from Potsdam (the owner of the fine wind-up gramaphone shown on AoS). We plan to tour about a bit - mostly day trips. Then we're both back off to Berlin for all of September (I live and work half time there and half here in the UK - actually 40% there, 40% here and 20% somewhere else). The diary is now pretty full up to Xmas which will probably be in the UK. Where does the year go?! Still, when I'm back in Potsdam, at least I'll be able to do some more in this series and some will definitely be on 5x4 film - not a computer in sight!!!
Tell me about it... I had the privilege of being MD of a small steel fabrication company for 5 years, until the bottom fell out of the market in 2001/2. Holidays? Weekends? And of course the legendary "Oh yes, it's in the post."
Generally, we haven't seen too much impact of the so-called down turn and luckily most of our customers are OK at paying but the Chinese are proving a bit tardy... After 14 years you would expect things to be a bit easier (they probably are really but you get into a habit) and of course you need to keep the work flowing in to pay the employees. Oh well, I guess that's what comes of being a capitalist oppressor of the working class (as Citizen Smith would say)!!