Baby - Using the Orton Effect


Graeme Harvey

This is one of my favourite manipulated photos. I artificially blurred out the area around her hood, and applied the Orton effect to soft-focus her face.

Mmmmm, Orton effect? Not heard of that one... What's involved?
Beautiful shot Grez so dreamlike and so well suited for a baby, gives a real feel of innocence ,I love the orton effect myself also looks fab on certain landscapes especially waterfalls giving them a magical feel
It was originally devised to produce a soft-focus effect using two film-slides in the same mount. What was done was one sharp photograph would be taken but overexposed, and then another blurred picture would also be taken (from memory, I think that was overexposed as well.) Both slides were then put into the same mount and projected to produce a warm, soft-focus effect. You can simulate the effect using any manipulation software that allows you to use layers. I described how to do it on the following thread...

If you need any more information, let me know!

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Thx - will give it a shot on the computer