Bar Head Goose

Laurie Parker

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Taken at the RSPB at LLanelli in Carmarthenshire
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Gotcha - and well worth the wait. Lovely framing - is the blurred surround a lens effect, natural, or "painted on?"
Its natural I was lying on grass in front of the bird so was able to focus directly on him and the lens and camera did the rest, this is pretty much out of camera all I done in editing was resize and add a small amount of sharpening as I don't let the camera do that for me
It's making my knees ache just thinking about how much time you must spend shooting at ground level to get these shots!

Inspiring stuff though - I'll have to take some ibuprofen and get down to subject level more often.

The light bouncing up from the grass is casting a greenish tint on him - I've seen the same effect when trying to shoot my grand daughter at the park.. with a camera of course!

Worth trying a bit of magenta to balance the green?
Im always sniping across the ground lol - think I am in the army rather than taking photos lol - never thought of altering the magenta to be honest with you cheers for that tip! worth a bash