Bridge at Tanworth in Arden

Tim Pindar

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Taken on the day after Boxing Day 2009.

I've tried to preserve the pale winter sunlight.

Looks nice and chilly - and I like the way the road draws you through the arch, then leaves you wondering where it goes...

Got a feeling I may have driven that road at some time - where exactly is it again?
Definitely achieved the winters feel about the photo, Im also wondering where the road goes as the road takes you along and through the photo, with the avenue of trees making a sort of boundary and keeping the eyes along the road
Tanworth is a village south of Birmingham, near places like Redditch, Stratford, and Solihull but in between them all. It's where the singer Nick Drake came from.

The road here is actually a made-up footpath these days, it was the entrance to a large country house at one time, I think. However the odd car did go down it as we walked, so I'm not sure.
I was going to mention the Nick Drake connection earlier - all this pic needs is the accompaniment of "River Man."