Burghley Horse Trials this week

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Anyone planning any 3 day event photography this weekend?

Here's one from 2002, 'Willy B free' clears the brush fence


300mm f2.8 and Canon 2x extender.
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King Solomon III in the cross country stage 2002

Horses (and riders) seem really tough on autofocus - unlike cars for example, which move smoothly towards the camera, allowing AI Servo to track and focus on them, the motion of a galloping horse is cyclic - and this can confuse the focussing system.

I eventually realised that I had to use a wider DOF to allow for this, and/or catch them when airborne!
Yea I know what you mean and could be an explanation (or good excuse!) as to why I struggled to get some crisp shots of some runners a few months ago. Next time I will try adjusting the aperture like yourself and seeing how that makes a difference.