Canon Release EOS 60D

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Canon has announced the release of a new digital SLR - The EOS 60D


London, UK, 26th August 2010 - Canon today announces the latest addition to its world-famous EOS series of Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras – the new EOS 60D. Replacing the EOS 50D, the EOS 60D is designed for photographers who want to take their skills to the next level, offering high performance, a series of creative features, a Vari-angle LCD screen and enhanced ergonomics – empowering photography enthusiasts to capture outstanding stills and Full High Definition (HD) video for unique, creative results.
This looks very nice.

It is only just over 2 years since I bought my 40D, at which point the 50D was still a few months from being announced, I think. Now I'm two models out of date.

No need for a camcorder presumably if you get this camera, at least for casual use.

18 megapixels - is there a point at which the extra detail becomes superfluous compared with the extra storage space required for the RAW files? Rather like PC chips eventually became "fast enough"? Maybe not, as HDDs get ever cheaper.
this whole video on slrs is starting to pique my interest i have o say ... it one of the things thing on a nikon "d4" that might make me pay attention to it
lol 60D already.. next best thing huh. I remember when the 50D came out, I ended up buying the 40D instead because the images from the 50 simply did not justify spending the extra cash. There were some cases in which the ISO noise from the 50D was actually worse.

if your working in print, and need to do large format printing of your work, you're probably going to be using at least a 5D mkII if not one of the 1d series. For its intended purpose, i seriously question the need for the resolution that it has and what the people who buy these cameras will do with it.

I suspect most 50D/60D users will rarely have their photos leave their laptops
Looks interesting and I might upgrade from my 40D.

I dont need the megapixels ( 10 would be plenty for me...) but video and the swivel screen could be useful.

My first thought about the swivel screen is a bit geeky and camcorder like, but I have been trying some low level photos recently and this would save having to lay down flat on the floor to see the screen or viewfinder. :)

warehouse express have pre order, but looks a bit too expensive to me really.

Hopefully street prices will be better when there is a good supply.

Good preview :) It has the electronic level in the viewfinder and on the LCD screen in Live view, looks just like the 7D electronic level :)

That could be handy for Darren;).

Only kidding mate:D:D
Im the complete opposite by look of things with this type of camera I really don't like the idea of a DSLR having video functions, myself personally rather them be separate items.
I know what you are saying laurie, but in technical terms, it has put huge sensors into affordable video equipment, which to my knowledge seems to have opened up a lot of possibility for high quality video or less money... Not to mention the added creative control of more narrow dof ...
I have a video on my gf1, and when, if, I ever find my self some free time I intend to see what it can do...
Just a point on the video piece - the video functions on the Canon DSLRs are not really camcorder like - they have very limited AF capabilities compared to even a basic camcorder, poor sound capture as well.

It's more like a traditional movie camera, which requires manual focus pull etc.

So far I've only played with the 5D MKII video - and it's quality is fantastic

Not sure I'll spend much time with it though - too busy taking stills!
My Fuji compact has HD video on that never used it myself although my son has and he loves it, got a camcorder here if I need to do any videos but in all honesty prefer stills, leave the video taking to others members of the family
The Canon EOS 60Dcamera released in September 2010, the successor of Canon EOS 50D. The CMOS APS-C 18 megapixels produces images of superb quality with an impressive wealth of details and applies a multiplier of 1.6 to the length of the lens mounted.This gives you the freedom to crop creatively images or recording images to poster size in different aspect ratios.
- The 60D has manual audio controls
-60D has the tilt/swivel screen, and one thing that isn't put out there is the 60D has a much smoother exposure adjustment when zooming during videos.
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I recommed Canon 60D camera to anyone who is looking for shooting great quality indoor/outdoor pictures.
with the stock 18-135 lens, solid photos, great details, and very very crop-able. Yes this is not an L Lens but it is still very good and Very fast focus, yes its not the 32 point next gen autofocus, but in all my tests when not using live view it does just fine transitioning between focus points.
The battery life is spectacular and this kit lens, the Canon 18-135 1:3.5-5.6 IS is a REALLY, REALLY great lens which is going to be vilified because it's the kit lens. I also really liked the 18-55 IS.

The main reason why I chose a DSLR for commercials is the quality you get with the large DSLR sensor and lens, and how portable they are. I was looking at the 7D but went down to the 60D because they both have the same 18MP sensor, the 60D has manual audio controls (7D doesn't), 60D has the tilt/swivel screen, and one thing that isn't put out there is the 60D has a much smoother exposure adjustment when zooming during videos compared to the 7D, so you can actually get away with slow zooms with a variable aperture lens without the harsh exposure adjustments.
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