Cheats Panorama

Darren Turner

A gold star to whoever can guess the location..............!!


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seems a biy noisey :-(

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Ferret, cross the Mersey.... :eek:

The image title was a bit of a give away!!

Love the reflections - must have been a still night?

Very nice scene - reminds me that I need to do something very similar round this neck 'o the woods
liverpool looks more and more impressive everytime I see it, what a place
Liverpool like any other city has its dodgy areas, but from a photography point of view its an awesome place.........!!!!
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from any point of view its an awesome place! Granted it does have its problems, troublesome areas etc but its a special city
Never actually stopped in Liverpool as I was worried I'd 'ave me 'ubcaps nicked... eh.. calm down! ;)
well ive never actually stopped in California, I was too worried about catching a suntan and seeing some goergous girls in