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Milan Vjestica

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Hi All,

I am considering upgrading and sit here somewhat baffled by choice. It will almost certainly be eBay or similar. I currently use a Nikon D50 and a Canon G9. It is the D50 I would like to upgrade. Obviously I have a couple of Nikon mount lenses so it makes sense to stay with them. My shortlist is as follows;

Fuji S5 Pro

I would be interested in what you learned people think. Personally I would love a D700 but that is out of the question financially. Any idea when they will put the full frame sensor in to the lower end of the range?

I use a combination of lenses, Nikkor 24mm, Nikkor 18-70 and Sigma 70-300.

My budget sits at $800 to $1,000 AUD (about 500-600 UKP).


The fuji is slow but takes nice coloured pictures

The d5000 is gadgety with it's articulated screen

The d200 was nigh on perfect in it's day but was a bit poor at low light focusing By today's standards...

The d90 is probably the best over all as it has a lot o the d300's image quality without such a high end focusing or metering system

As for "FX" lower end models .. I wouldn't hold your breath ...
Hi Milan,

I chose a S5 over the D200 because I wanted the extended sensitivity in low light. Speed wasn't really an issue for me and to a certain extent it satisfied my needs at the time. It is still used for technical work on a copy stand (and occasionally a microscope) but I switched to full frame as soon as the D3 came out. The S5 is a good camera and I know a couple of wedding photographers who still use one as a second body. However, I think Hamish's analysis is right and the D90 is probably the superior body. Second choice for me would then be the S5 and then the D200 I think.
A good point ...
D5000 is only fully compatible with afs lenses
D90 is compatible with afs afd and af nikons
F5 and d200 are compatible with all above and all others dating back to ai nikons

Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of those anyone :)
Looking at the specs, there was not a whole lot of difference between the D200 and D300. Shooting with them was the difference between night and day. The D300 had much better low light capability, but more-so, it felt like a much more mature camera and simply worked better at everything.

The D90's replacement should be announced within a month, so there may be some bargains around. Reports from users seem to be entirely positive.

And yes, the D700 is everything anyone would say of it. If mine were wrecked or stolen, I would have a replacement by nightfall. I will be most curious what Nikon will replace it with next summer. It will have to have some major magick embedded to get my attention. The D700 is just that good!
Hi Hamish,

You are probably right about the D300 budget especially when you add postage to where I am!


its a shame you are so far away, i woul have taken the d50 off your hands in part exchange...

i wouldnt rule out a d300 local to you though, it might only potentially be another £150 to raise on your £600 budget, and i know thats a lot ... but the d300 is an exceptional bit of kit...
but as i said before, if you cant afford one the d90 is prob the best alternative is the d90...
... Really ... Well I'm sure we could work something out then I you like
It is a bit "tweaked" my d300, it has a dk21m magnifying eyepiece and a katzeye optics optibright focusing screen so i was looking for £825ish for it ... More info here


But with the d50 (body only) being worth about £130(for a silver one)- £160(for a good black one) maybe we could look at £650 ... I know that's a touch above your budget, but i am happy to take a little bit of a hit on what I wanted to see it go to a forum member ... How does that sound?
Hi Hamish,

The D50 is balck and I have the box, strap, battery, charger. I'll have to look for a mains lead as most of mine are Aussie versions now but I am pretty sure I have a UK "figure of eight" lead somewhere. I think the original manual and guarantee cards are still in the box. I will have a very serious think about it. I'll get back to you in a day or two.

Do you know anyone that would like a Nikon F601 and F70. I found these whilst looking in the garage. Is there any value to old film SLR's now? I alos found about 12 rolls of film, not sure of their condition now though as they would be at least 5 years old.
Il take the old film off your hands...what is it? As for the film cameras... F70 maybe worth pushing £20 if you were very lucky F601 £20 if you were very very luck... A shame as they are both nice cameras, particularly the 601, but I have 2 801's so it would be pointless me buying it.. I think Barry Keavney knows someone who might want film camera... He will be along some to respond

I'm happy with the deal in the knowledge it's a black one :)
Hi Hamish,

The film is as follows;

5 Fuji Superia 200 36 exp
1 Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 36 exp
1 Kodak Ultra Gold 24 exp
1 Kodak Ektar 100 36 exp
1 Jessop KB17 B&W 36 exp
1 Fuji Superia 1600 36 exp​

Where abouts are you? If you prefer drop me an email or message.


I am staying in Oxford but will be Redditch on the Monday and Tuesday as that is where our offices are. Not too far away.
First foray with the new to me D300. Some fairly heavy cropping on a couple.





There is a lot of setting up and getting to know this camera. However, first impressions are very good and it is up to me to learn how to get the best out of it.

Thanks Hamish!