Climate Change March, Edinburgh 2 September 2019

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
I did what I would regard as a successful reportage of the anti-Trump Rally in Edinburgh [ ] but with autofocus. This time I had to rely on zone focussing, but didn't always get things bang on. Still, it was a good learning curve. Here's my favs of the bunch. The full shoot can be seen here:

1. Food For Thought - the march passed by many outdoor restaurants along the famous Royal Mile, full of bemused tourists, many of whom joined in, I'm pleased to report. I think the young boy is hungry, or fancies a beer...

food for thought.jpg

2. Lots of school kids, of course, the older ones being particularly rude, but humorous:


3. I can think of one or two who don't, but...


4. Primary-School kids were bellowing the loudest, as they should. I offered one of them my next General Election vote. Whichever party you would choose, I said, I'll use my vote for. And I will. Spot the Sony.


5. She really was a climate-change graduate...


6. Sadly out of focus, and admittedly a mistake, but I have a great title - especially if you remember the original song title. Looking Through Greta Thunberg's Eyes.

Looking through Greta Thunbergs eyes.jpg

7. Rise Above It All. I love the laughing on the lower right

man looking.jpg

8. Agreed. On both counts.


9. Also agreed. There was a lot of phone-staring going on.

plastic fantastic.jpg

10. The official statistic was 10,000 to 15,000, but it was like this for the whole hour I stood and watched. Seemed a lot more than the official statistic, but then it always does.

up the mile.jpg

Leica Monochrom, with 7Artisans 50mm 1.1. Increase in contrast in LR6.
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Someone has to do it!! The world is changing so fast and not for the best. Fear for my family in the future.
Superbly documented series Rob. I can see why they are your favourites.