Color or B/W?

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This is probably not the best place to ask this question. I believe that most members of this forum started developing black and white photographs in the darkroom of some garage or basement when they were still in their infancy. However, I would like to know what you think today about the eternal struggle between good and evil, especially now that digital is in government. Which is good and which is evil? Color or black and white?

I know I will hate myself tomorrow morning for asking this question.

[Photos: Rome, Italy, 2018. Nikon D7100. License: CC0 “No Rights Reserved”]


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Here's a quote to ponder:
Color photography usually takes advantage of the obvious. Black and white photography fares better, as its inherent abstraction takes the viewer out of the morass of manifest appearance and encourages inspection of the shapes, textures and the qualities of the light.
Ansell Adams, An Autobiography
Black and white photography fares better

Who am I to disagree with Ansel Adams?: B&W bypasses the morass of chromaticity and makes this world an easier world to inhabit. Already you have to struggle with gear, subject, composition, tone, and contrast, but in B&W at least you can avoid the nightmare of white balance and color calibration, color harmonies, chroma noise, extreme saturation spots, and so on. Probably 90% of photos look better in B&W. However, I accept challenges in color because I don't like to win without a fight. ;) But probably my love for color photography comes from my personal history of not being a photographer (but a former aspiring painter) in the first place.
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