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I was asked the other week to take some photos for Oxjam. A charity event for Oxfam but to be honest in was rather small and not much happening so I went a wandering. Met and spent a couple of hours talking to a Russian documentary film maker. he was quite good fun and he allowed me to take his picture. Anyway I digress, whilst I was wandering about I managed to take this thought it might make a interesting shot.


It does. I like these sort of observational shots. Glad to here you asked to take the documentary maker's portrait. Will you show it at some point?

How did you do the vignette - it's a bit sort of obvious if you don't mind me saying. Sorry!!
I might show it if i hadn't screwed it up being too smart for my own good!

The vignette was made using a new layer, selecting the area with the lasso tool, filling with black, blurring then opacity. Then I've been adding another squarer vignette on top to close it in more. In my defence, I wanted a heavy vignette here mainly because of the branch on the left giving it a voyeuristic feel.
I actually like making the vignette myself. What are these Pixel Genius Action of which you speak?

No doubt you have sent me a link, but I am going/gone senial!
They are a bunch of image makers (including Martin Evening) that advise Adobe and many of their creations (such as the sharpening algorithms) have ended up in PS. The one set of actions I find simply superb are the burn tone and dodge tone in Photokit. You can mix and match them and adjust their opacity to control burning in a very similar way to darkroom practice. As they always create a new layer you can then mask out parts to give you full control. It is just that they do not rely on simply a 'colour' overlay. I use them a lot both for vignettes and for controlling contrast gradients.
Strangly someone has just brought 9 of my images, so if I can prise the money from my wifes hands I might just invest in a copy.
I would never get that much from her hands for Nik, she'd divorce me (Hmm interesting) . A exhibition in a local restaurant/bar I think the guy may have been drunk and the owner is holding him to it. suits me though
Congratulations from me too.

I really like this image! The colour tone especially, washed out and higher contrast. I did something like that for a shot of my daughter recently. (Can't really post it on the web as she is quite young and in a bikini.)

I think the vignette detracts. How about cropping it to remove some of the top and the RHS, instead?
Thanks Tim, not sure if I want to crop it although it seems the vignette is not like by anyone except me. i think I flattened the image. However due to popular demand I shall slave away over it again and see what happens this time. I'm not posting any more as it just causes me more work :)

Pete I shall send my daughter in to collect to monies so I'll avoid buying anyone drinks although she can get me a little bottle of JD :)
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yeah you say that now, I know your type!
Please allow me to jump in the fray! I like the vignette! That's it, said my piece! I like it! Kick back and watch it awhile the vignette works!