Don't forget to print up some Christmas Cards

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
There's nothing better than imposing one of your favorite photos on your friends and family as a Christmas card :cool:

We did it last year, and were very happy with the result - so I just went online again this year and ordered up this years batch.

Lot's of places to choose from - I like using Apple's iPhoto as the quality has always been excellent - CostCo, ShutterFly, Moo, PhotoBox, santaspostbag etc etc are some other UK options.

I always struggle to find a 'Christmas' shot, as there is bugger-all snow here to shoot, so I typically go for a 'nice scene'.

Others may want to feature the family, pets, etc etc.

iPhoto gave me a gazillion options of style, setting, colour etc - and then allowed me to customize the greeting and text in the card.

This not only looks dead pro - but also means that you no longer have to write your names in every card - it's printed for you! ;)

More expensive than a standard card for sure - but worth it IMHO.

And while you're thinking Christmas gifts - how about doing a custom calendar for 2011, and inflicting even more of your photos on the family!

Anyway, here's the outside of this years effort for example...


Get 'em ordered this week, and you'll have time to get them posted for Christmas...
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