Earliest widespread snow fall in 12 years

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
They always have a statistic don't they, what a daft statistic ... It's the first time I had a cup of tea before 8.45 in the morning this morning for nearly 8 months ... Daft stats, you gotta love em... Anyway, how is everyone coping with this terrible weather (it's not snowing here, just a bit chilli! :)
It's bleepin' freezing here, low 50s F :)
At the moment I'm in the UK and, although cold, all is OK in the SE but as soon as we get a millimetre or so all will cease to function. Next week I'll be in Vienna (cold and snowy) but after that it will be back to Berlin (-10°C this morning, with snow to come). Funnily enough though, everything keeps working there!!
Woke up to about 2 inches of snow this morning and it's been snowing on and off all day, not the best working weather for a binman:(.
This is what has dropped so far but more is forecast over the weekend and Sunday is expected to be the heaviest snow fall of the current cold spell :eek:.

here is a shot of home taken after the snow had finished faling the other day

Add another ten inches onto that and you'll be close to what we've had LOL!!
Add another ten inches onto that and you'll be close to what we've had LOL!!

I wish we did get that much glen i would be well chuffed haha...........!!

It aint mine i just live and work here..........lol, behind were i am stood taking the pic is trhe 2nd largest mountain in wales literally in our back garden........stunning place to live.

Here's a couple of grabbed shots of the snow today in the garden.


Gives you some idea how much has dropped:eek:.

Virtually nothing here in the West Mids. Drove to Bath FOR THE DAY on Saturday with absolutely no problem.

Mind you, earlier in the week my car door lock froze open - I couldn't go anywhere like that. So I had a long extension lead and a hairdryer on it, until it released.
Glen - that's very impressive!

How long has East Durham been north of the Arctic Circle again?
that is some snow fall glen!!

yep, here in worcester we had about an inch last night... went into town and there is none there at all ... some much for a photo op...
Couldn't get the car out of the drive this morning so my mate had to take us in his 4x4 and we got sent home for the second day in a row.
Much too dangerous to try and drive refuse vehicles on untreated back streets and it doesn't look any better for the rest of the week!!!