Eight hours of cold, but it was worth it.

Glen Roberts

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On Sunday I spent over eight hours sat in a cold hide hoping for some Kingfisher shots and I finally got some:cool::cool:.

The female stayed distant...



...but the male came closer.


OMG...they are very good glen congratulations, it really was worth it. Did you know they were in the area or did you just pick ya spot, sit, Wait & hope you would see some........lol

I did know they were in that area for a while but I only found the right place two weeks ago, but at that time I had to take my wife shopping so couldn't wait then.
Bloody shopping spoils all my fun :mad:;).
Fantastic photos Glen :)
shopping or no shopping just shows your true dedication paid off.......
Worth the piles I'll wager! LOL!!

Fantastic shots, and just an outstanding effort to get them.

I would not have the patience
Real lovely shots. You must have a lot of dedication, I just dont work well in the cold. I'm really feeling it at the moment just getting back from a warm climate and all. I'v felt cold every day all day sinse I got back.
just goes to show though, that even 400mm on a crop camera is often not enough to get close to these little beasties. I lust after a 600mm
I know what you mean, a friend of mine had a Sigma 300-800mm which he let me try once:cool:.
The only problem was at 800mm I couldn't find anything in the viewfinder I was trying to shoot:eek:;)