Fujica STX-1

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
This was my first real camera - the Fujica STX-1.


The first weekend after getting my student grant, I headed off to the local Boots, and came home with this wonderful contraption.

It was their entry level SLR during that time. The focal plane shutter was mechanical, with a top speed of 1/750th of a second and a flash synced at 1/60th of a second.

The shutter speed was shown along the left side of the viewfinder through a mechanical linkage.

Everything about the STX-1 was manual. No program modes were available.

It was a great way to learn the basics of photography, and I kept my local Supersnaps store in business doing all my dev and printing :p

Not many shots from that era have made it into the digital domain, but I do have this group shot from the Leicester Poly pirate radio crew, including your's truly!


Printed in the Poly's dark room - one of my early attempts at B&W dev and print.

I passed the camera on to my dad after buying a shiny new Minolta 7000 - and he put it to great use for years - being all manual it was right up his alley LOL

He's still got it somewhere, although he's now all 21st C and digital with his Olympus camera and Kodak digital print machine! :cool:
My mate John had one of those, and we went all over the country taking photographs together in our late teens. Seeing that picture brings back so many memories. Amazing, actually because I've held that camera so many times and never actually taken a photograph with it - as he did with my old Cosina CT1-A.

Thanks for posting that!