Galleries etc

Tim Pindar

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After a week or so on the forum I've only just noticed the galleries section.

How does this work, ie how do I get to know when someone has posted a new gallery? Is the idea to post a forum message to say you have done soon the most appropriate section of the Forum?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.
You can make your self a gallery if you like, it's just another place to put photos online... I'm hopin to develop it a little ferther in time to incorporate a photo rating system and a display of latest photos on the home page... But it might take a bit of time
Thanks Hamish, but it's not working properly for me. I have Galleries appearing to the right of the menu bar, and when I click it I get five large boxes drop down, the titles to which only appear when I hover. I'm at work and using IE 7.