Gateway of India

Vic Shaw

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Bored again tonight (I really should get out more or even a life) So I thought I'd look through some rejects from our last trip away, although not really a reject as I had worked on it before but didn't like the outcome so I gave it a revisit.

This is in Mumbai (or Bombay depending who you talk to) very busy as you can see, seems to be the place for family's and balloon sellers!. The building on the right is the Hotel that was attacked during November 2008, the Taj Mahal Hotel.
This has to be the only place I've been to in India where taxis refused to take us. Managed to get one in the end with a nice view of the road through the floor, so that was a bonus really and he never charged extra for it!, his horn was also 2 wires that he touched together to make it work.

I wish we had more time there as it's a great place, but we only had 8hrs before catching a plane home and the wife obviously wanted to spend 7hrs 45mins shopping.


Very nice - love the saturated colours in the clothes vs the pastel sky - stitched panoramic or perspective corrected wide angle?
I corrected the perspective, I did take enough shots for a panorama of the gateway itself but didn't like the results.