Golden hour pastels

Len Philpot

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Not much "gold" in golden hour today (except after sunset when there was plenty, but that's another story). However, there were some pleasant pastels low in the west about an hour before sunset. Made for a decent minimalist image, I think.

I was shooting at 800 ISO earlier and this was at that speed. I subsequently lowered the ISO to 100 in order to drag the shutter out and maybe smooth the water a little. But of course I liked this shot better, so noise reduction it was. :) Oh well....


A funny sidebar...

As I was getting ready for this shot, I noticed what looked like a critter's head / jaw of some sort bobbing in the water about a meter or so off the edge. There were little eddies showing around it, so I figured it was possibly a snapping turtle or even alligator just hanging around waiting for <whatever>. But something didn't look right and I couldn't nail down the species of critter. I have to admit I was a little ... ahem ... "aware" of the possibility of said critter taking an interest in me and suddenly emerging from the water!

Turns out I was totally wrong... It was the fearsome, deadly, DDD: Discarded Duck Decoy! So much for my identification skills in the fading light...

Weren't you just complaining there was no local landscape worth shooting? :cool: