Brian Moore

A few years ago I was visiting Balboa Park in San Diego. There was a young lady there selling portraits taken on her Polaroid Land Camera. At $10 a shot I considered the opportunity well-worth it. (Normally I would never agree to have my portrait shot at a tourist attraction, but this young lady was delightful and a college student just trying to supplement her finances,...and she was shooting with a Polaroid! I couldn't resist.)

Here is the portrait I bought:

As she was lining up her shot I seized the opportunity to document the moment with my Yashica 635 TLR. Here she is, captured on Portra 400NC.

I love the way we get to see both sides of, um, both cameras :) And very nice pics part from that! I find it interesting how you're lined up with the 'bulge' in the roof behind... looks a little like an oops yet it works.
Thanks Stevenson. I stood where she suggested; I think her intent was to capture the pond behind me, which is quite picturesque, more than the bulge. Nevertheless I hope she did well while pack film was still available. (It could not have been very long after this that those scoundrels at Fuji stopped making it.)