Alastair Cummins

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yesterday I went for a bit of a drive through south Wales and took loads of pictures which I thought were pretty decent at the time but it seems a lot of the shots I took in the afternoon are massivly out of focus on the left hand side :mad: :mad:

I did have a polarising filter on but that and the lense was spotless so I can only put it down to user error or the filter hes played tricks with the auto focus.

Either im pretty peeved right now :mad:
yes i can imagine you are pretty annoyed......makes you want to chuck the camera doesn't

I had some major focus issues with this new camera, but it was a matter of learning how to use the new system

As for the left hand side of your images being out of focus.....mmmmmmm seems rather strange, personally i have never heard of anything like this before...........!!

Do u fancy showing us an example or you anger.........?

Yea I dont know what I did mate, but the left hand last part of the pic is well out of focus and very blurry, it looks very weird. The only thing I can think of is maybe the lense isnt %100 sealed and there was some moisture in there.

I would post them up but I deleted pretty much the whole lot straight away though theres a few I will post soon.

I do feel slightly better for a mild rant though lol ;)