Hello from Pittsburgh, PA.

Eugene Wilson

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I'm mostly a film photographer in lots of different formats and too many different cameras and based here in Western Pennsylvania. My current main camera is a Canon EOS-3 35mm but also use a Bronica ETR and a Graflex Super Graphic 4x5 fairly regularly. I've also recently gotten into Holga cameras. For the last few years, I've been shooting a lot of abandoned sites (legally) in PA and Eastern Ohio.
Hello Eugene 👋 sounds interesting, look forward to seeing some shots!

I recently made some little mods to my holga so it can take 35mm as I couldn't justify the cost of medium format anymore 😭
I'll upload some shots as soon as I figure how how small they need to be. I get an "too large" error but I can't find anything that tells me what image size is acceptable.