Hello from Sunny Suffolk

Alex Steel

Hello everyone, I too come here via AoS, so know the 2 Daves from there (hi guys) - not sure which "AoS Chris" Chris Bennett is - (there are too many Chris's there like there are Alex's now too!)

Anyway, I'm a lapsed keen amateur, having been a member of the Broadland Photographic Society based in Norwich, up until about 8 years ago. I used Canon EF cameras (EOS 100 mainly) so made sense to stick with Canon (450D) when I decided to get back into SLR photography to reuse the various lenses, tubes, flash etc I'd accumulated. I decided to get back into it mainly because of becoming a dad, and as those of you from AoS will have witnessed with my avatar there, my 21 month old daughter is still my main subject!

I'll leave it there for now, except to say good luck with the forum guys, it looks very good and will do very well I'm sure.
Thanks Dave - cheers for the welcome, hope you are well and keeping busy.