hi everyone

Harry Cobley

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Hi all
im from Worcester im 20 im studying spatial design in Falmouth, i want to run away and join the circus. I have particular intests in photographing movement but i am learning rather slowly. i am also enjoying having the ability to destort the scale of subject matter through photoshop with a bit of help from Hamish's old D70s. also setting up shots that give the illusion of an unnatural scale and photographing with a cannon AE1/ programme(35mm).will upload images once i return to uni as the ones i have put up already are of a low standard, drunk + white balance fiasco - a knowledge of iso = art...maybe not. i am also keen to start experimenting more with macro and riffles attacthed to cameras having just brought this book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blink-Eye-World-Youve-Never/dp/0715326503 it has some fantastic fast shutterspeed images peace and love Hmanx x x
Alright matey, good to see you here!
I thought you had killed that d70?
Let me know when you grow out of it... Il buy it back from you!
I keep meaning to mention it, but as it was my first dslr, il buy it back even of you break it!
Get some piccys up soon!
hey mark
its designing mainly public spaces. like a cross between arcitecture and garden design.for people uncapable of doing either, avoid at all costs:)

hammish the d70 is fine and you can have it back once i get my student loans though will upgrade then, october time if you can wait that long...
yeah, no probs... you want to upgrade to a d300? ... i know a man who has one going and i can probably convince him to do you a good price ;)
the card had given up on me you sorted me out a new one, then i managed to break the lens but got a replacement, think its the same but has a vr option ... camera is fine as far as i can tell have got some nice pics on my laptop but unfortunately both are in falmouth for now.

i am very interested but those things are pricey and money wont be avalible for a couple of months...
nice one will have a chat about it at sunday club so you better come, do you know anyone who might want a bag full of photographic paper various sizes...its not being used and have more than im going to need for a long time :)