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Nice one Grez , please explain more
Nice one Grez , please explain more

I met the band "The Heathers" when they asked me to be their friend on myspace about 3 years ago. I was a bit wet behind the ears at the time regarding that (I'd only joined so that I could get access to some music and pics made by a friend Carol Lee Sampson, who is also rather good!). Anyway, I listened to their stuff and thought it sounded rather classy, so "accepted" them as friends.

A couple of months later, they had a competition to clone yourself into a pic of theirs, and the prize was a CD. So I had a go, and they sent all the entrants a CD. However, they played a gig in Kidderminster shortly afterwards and I took the camera along and got a few nice pics of them in action, which I put up on myspace at the time. It was then that Matt, their bass player, recognised this bloke with the camera as being his former science teacher from 14 years before! TBH, I wouldn't have recognised him, but he got in touch and we've stayed in touch ever since. So when the Heathers video came up, they asked if I wanted to be an extra, so I said yes, assuming that I'd be a bit of human wallpaper somewhere. They got in touch with me a couple of days before the shoot and asked if I'd like to be the bouncer in the club! (Dunno if it had anything to do with my teaching style!)

So that's how it came about. Since the Heathers "split" (although if you look carefully, you'll see that 3 of them are backing Laura Bowen), Laura has become part of their "stable" and her video came about in a similar way... although I was really only taking my daughters who appear in the vid more than I do. They're a fantastic bunch of people and I think Laura's got a great voice and some real star quality. We got treated so well on both videos and had such a lot of fun doing them.

Edit: Here's a couple of pics I took on that fateful night in January 2008


L-R Murray, Rob, Dave and Matt

Band in full flow:


L-R Murray, Dave, Matt


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