Is this the best image quality for pound combo

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Chatting to one of our newest members Robert Bishop last night about him buying a Digital slr (he is currently film only). He said he didnt want to spend much on a camera, as he would rather put his money into glass (sensible man).

He already has nikon lenses including a 28mm af-d so we are only looking at bodys that have the af motor in the body.

this basically rules out any entry level cameras more recent than the d40, and as he wants an inexpensive option, i mentioned the d50.

this got me thinking ...

having recently bought a d50 and discovered just how got the image quality can be from this 6mp sensor. (£150 ish s/h)

I dont own a 28mm 2.8 d lens but i know how good they can be ... they certainly arnt faultless, but for the £100 ish you would expect to pay on the s/h market they are pretty bloody good....and make a very good "normal lens" on dx nikons

combine these with a nikon sb20 flash (£20 s/h) and with a bit of knowledge about how to use aperture priority and a old school auto flash ... you have, for maybe £270 total spend, a very good set of kit ....

not only that, but you have a camera that will allow use of all nikon and nikon compatible af lenses ...

to me this is the best value digital slr/lens/flash set up that gives the most options for lenses ...

can anyone else come up with a better suggestion?

(as i said, i dont have a 28 2.8 ... but here is the above with my 35 2.0 instead - also a good option, but more expensive)

sorry about the bad iphone images


That sound's like the kind of set-up I need/want for about the price I would be willing to spend on a digital camera

One questions though. Can the Nikon SB-20 flash be used as a remote flash? Or can it be adapted to be used as a remote wireless flash? (excuse the termanology - but I think you'll know what I am on about right?)
i have the 20mm 2.8 but it is a little soft, especially wide open ... how does the 24mmm fare?

yes, very well looked after, probably more so than a d300 i can think of ;)