Keep away from the Stones!

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
I refuse to pay to go into the Stones seeing as you cannot even get near them or touch them.Seeing as I didn't get a sunrise this year. I thought I would photograph them on the way home.The slant, colour and blur are all intentional. It's a photo to express my displeasure at not having the freedom to roam around the stones.


I think I went as far as I could. I wanted to just keep the detail in the clouds to keep a little more interest. I guess it looks pretty drab because of the muted colours. I wanted this to express the boring tourist walking round there and not really enjoying the stones for what they are. (see you was close with the white robe joke :) )
I think it's disappointing in this setting, but if you get there at sunrise it's magical, would be more so if you could go in and sit in them. I think people expect them to be hundreds of feet high and are a little put out when they are not, plus the fact theres all other people milling around it's just dont feel right .

I shall post a sunrise set from the other year.