Last embers of the day

Len Philpot

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It almost seems a bit ... pedestrian ... in the context of other images posted lately, but here's the result of a quick drive out to a small lake in the area.

Earlier in the day (and particularly, yesterday -- naturally) the sky was mucho better. It earlier looked as if it would hold promise for the sunset today, but then high cirrus moved in, as it often does, and things went in the toilet. There was a little bit of life just after sunset, but nothing like the puffy / mixed clouds of earlier in the day seemed (as it turned out) to mockingly suggest...

As with many scenes in my locale finding a composition among the flatness can be a challenge. There's a rather unsightly two-headed fishing-pier-monster just out of frame to the right, which severely limited angle of view choices.

Processing-wise, it was tempting to raise the shadows and bring a little color / detail into them but it really killed the feeling. I kinda like the way the sky wasn't all one wash of color so there are warm and cool hues.

It's only mid-March but the mosquitoes are already out for blood. Yuck.

Thanks, all. What was kinda disappointing was that earlier in the day there was a nice mix of puffy clouds against a more mackerel sky with thin wisps of cirrus here and there, all on an otherwise clear blue background. By sunset it was just a white almost-overcast smear. This worked after sunset, but those earlier clouds would've looked great before the sun set.