Late afternoon sun in Sedona, AZ.

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Few snaps on the way into Sedona this afternoon.

The first two are of Bell Rock - locally known as Tuctu.

If you look closely, the top of the rock looks like a face in profile, looking skywards - it's supposed to be the Indian Chief Tuctu.

The middle of the rock is his nose, extending to the highest point. Look to the left and his eye sinks into a low point. On the right, his mouth, showing very clearly the top and bottom lip, and if the sun is just right, a cheek is also visible. At the top of Tuctu’s head is a feather, at the extreme left, showing that he is an important spiritual leader.



The third image is of the Chapel of the Holy Cross - built into the red-rocks with a stunning view over Sedona's landscape.


All three images Canon 5D MKII, 28-70 f2.8L with Circular Polarizer.
stunning landscapes.........well captured really well for my liking..........

I know they say that compose your image so things are off centre but, I dont always agree personally and my favourite of the 3 images has to be your first.

what is the story behind what looks like a building in your last image?

Thanks Darren - I think #1 shows Tuctu nestled in the landscape, I like the comp too.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a chapel built into the red-rock of Sedona, Arizona, which was inspired and commissioned by sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude, student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

It's very Frank Lloyd Wright, in that it's 'modern', with clean lines - no attempt o make it look traditional - the main structure is concrete, with a huge stained glass window at the end.

It won the American Institute of Architects award when it was finished in 1957.
Here are a couple more from sunrise this morning - taken from Airport Mesa, looking out towards Capitol Butte and Coffeepot rock.