Lauren in the snow

Tim Pindar

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My daughter today [NB Photo edited following suggestions below - may need a refresh]:


Trains still getting through:


Other snowy photos taken today are here
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great portrait photo of Lauren....i bet she's not really as happy as she looks standing around n the snow while dad snaps away..............haha
Very nice shots - bit of a crop on the portrait perhaps?

Were you using a little fill flash Tim?

Train shot's a winner as well - tells the story perfectly
Fill flash on the portrait. The light was very very flat. Not on the train, it was taken from a bridge over a level crossing, which had flood lights, hence the light in the foreground.

The portrait is already cropped, but could be cropped further - what would you suggest Chris?
was thinking that you could crop some of the space above Lauren's head perhaps - get her face away from center frame

I love the way snow gives depth to photos - the train shot shows this really well - it softens the more distant objects and really helps the foreground objects stand out :)
Refresh the page Chris and see what you think now - I've cropped it down somewhat, but any more and it chops off a lot of her right shoulder.
PS These were taken with the 50mm 1.4. I'm getting to like it now. Composition isn't too difficult if you are happy to crop later.