Medion Graphics Tablet for £20

Paul Lange

I bought one of these the other day and despite the low price its really good for the money:

Its £20 plus just under £7 delivery.

Its pretty large (base is 40 x 35 cms & the pad is 30 x 22 cms) and can be run in Windows 7 32bit using a driver from the Trust webiste for their 1200-V2 Wireless Tablet. Its actually a Aiptek 12000U tablet rebadged but for some reason I couldn't get it to work using the Aiptek driver but the Trust one done the job. It can be used with the drivers windows automatically install when you plug it in but you loose some functionality such as the short cut buttons at the top of the tablet pad.

There are a few issues such as in PS CS4 you don't get variable pressure, neither does the eraser on the back end of the pen work. Also the mouse is next to useless with the pointer having a mind of it's own. But in saying that I found using it with the pen a huge step up from using a normal mouse to do fine work in PS. Making masks around objects is much easier and for £20 I'm nothing but pleased despite the (what I see as minor) downsides.

I find Medion (sometimes known as Tevion) products to usually be of high quality and tend to have extended warranty. The tablet has 36 months!!
£20 eh ... That's pretty good money for somthing that sounds like it is as effective as it is ..
Never used one my self ... Keep meaning to give one a try ...
what is the idea / point of these, can anyone who has & used ones like this shed any light on what the benefits are........!!
I've used one for a while and it's handy for most things when doing PP such as selecting around objects, dodging and burning, cloning objects out. I find it much easier to use then a mouse and it's much better for you then using a mouse in general.
I too use a graphics tablet and have done for quite some years since trying a Wacom tablet back in about ´97 at a show. I think they are one of those things that once ou have used them you realise how much more natural they are than a mouse. Altough the Wacom tablets have all the tricks like variable pressure etc, for photo editing this is not strictly necessary and at 20 pounds the Median unit sounds a bargain to me.
I bought one for Christmas for my son and had a go with it. After years of using a mouse it felt weird using the pen, but I would imagine with some perseverance it would be worth while.
I find that its terrible for general use, here the mouse is much better and more natural to use. However for detailed work on photos its so much more accurate especially for making selections, masks and things like dodge/burning.
I don't have a problem with it taking space up on the desk as it doubles as a great mouse mat