Mounting your camera on a car

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
I've been using the Delkin Fat Gecko mounts for a while now - and they have been really solid - but I wanted more...

Did a little research and came up with this puppy - what do you think?


Could be a little overkill?

I found this great website for the company that rents out camera cars for movies, TV programs, commercials etc - amazing to see what they get up to!

Here's their Porsche Cayenne camera rig


And here's where the rubber meats the road - they helped shoot the new US series of Top Gear (filmed near to my office in Irvine CA)


Think I might have to save up a little for the crane mount, looks pricey :cool:
Mark - the Delkin mounts are very similar - I use the two cup mount mostly


I've done a couple of test movies this way - two with the camera mounted outside the car, and one with it mounted inside the car.

Outside mount here:


Inside mount here:


Outside rear facing test:

Very impressed so far - i.e. they haven't fallen off!
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