Munch munch! (A rather hungry bunch)

I liked this when I saw it on Instagram earlier today, Ralph. Couldn't tell what they were munching on. Now I see. (Taking chances getting that close, no?)
Thanks, Brian. They seemed fairly chilled, even let me do three short video clips of them munching away. I wasn’t sure at first, bringing the bulk of my ipad and it’s camera to within four or five inches of them, but they weren’t fazed by it at all, just kept tucking in to their ‘lunch’. Below is a pic of what remained of the core this evening.


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Thanks, Pete ☺️. Luckily, if they’re left alone, they leave you alone… well, mostly. They can get a bit edgy this time year, though, I suppose (for good reason, though). I’m not so keen on the midges, mosquitoes, horseflies and ticks, though… the price one pays for the privilege of living out in the “sticks”.