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Barry Keavney

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I'm doing a new project, which involves some odd props. The whole lot should be done in 27 pictures, but I thought I'd just add this one for the craic...Imagine this:

Homebase Checkout Worker: Good afternoon Sir, how can I help?
Me: Just this 6 foot of rope please.
HCW: ....
Me: I can explain this if you want me too.
Me: Ah Sod it, I can't actually.
HCW: mmm There's your change, mmm
Me: By the way, where can I find the garden hose and Duct tape sections? DAMMIT!!!

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Ah, the input of Barry and his morbid imagination

This barry, He has told me at length about this project and it sounds facinating ... A lot of interesting shots on there way i would expect!
This could be interesting.
I look forward to see where this is going:).
Oh Glen, I wish you hadn't said that!!! lol
I wasn't going to put this particular Project on the web, I was going to make it a purely printed piece, but I'm now thinking I will dolly up a one-off website for it.
Thats what I'll do!
Cheers Glen :D
also look forward to the rest , I like that shot of the rope but also want to know now what your up too lol, love the write up haha
I might have just interrupted that with an invite for beers round here??
Especially as I'm planning to do my week theme photo today!
Here is the second "preview" of the New Project. I should mention that each "section" has 7 Pics. Only when I have managed to do all the sections will I be able to show the whole project. I'm sure you can guess where this is going and it does get very grim indeed. The noose shot was the preview to the first segment, and this is the preview to the 3rd segment. Uhhh it gets messy, LOL's and stuff

I have seen some of the others ... They are amazing... As is this one, although light weight compared to some of the other from this series!