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Okay, New(ish) to this and thought I'd get more involved with this site rather than...... well... not getting involved of course. so I thought I'd start by adding this picture I only done the other night. Really enjoying these long exposures at the moment. nothing complicated but different I suppose. many thanks for looking people :)


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Nice I like it. I have often wondered about doing something like this, but I would no doubt mess it up. My daughter does Fire Poi and we've shot that a few times, that can be rather interesting. Although I missed the photo op when she caught her hat on fire :)
Welcome to the forum Dan, good to see you posting in here not just in the gallery.
I did a very similar thing with outlining the edges of a beat up metro down where all the derelict factories in digs use to be...
Was done on film though and despite recently looking for it to show Barry I couldn't find it :(
So yeah, nice idea, well executed :)
Oooo, looks like a very interesting technique - definitely worth a try

Welcome Dan! :)
Coming Home Drunk...

I messed around with this before, with varying degrees of success. Nice idea