Old Door


Graeme Harvey

Funny, I like taking pics of old doorways too. I though t it was just me with some weird Freudian thing about wanting to penetrate to the other side and sample the wonders that lay beyond. But no there's at least to of us now!

Hey! I like doors to I'll have to sort some out:D:D

There is something about photographs of doors although I try to include a animal in the shot if I get the chance.

Paul, I would think that using the word 'penetrate' in the post, would in itself be Freudian :)
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better not, I can sense Grez's pun alert going off now!
Don't think I have any old doors but I have an old Knocker!!

On the door of Durham Cathedral.
I seem to have unwittingly stumbled on a whole new genre here. Amazing how people's minds work, isn't it? And my first post was done in innocence.
Here's my Italian door - from Lucca

Ha! I saw this thread and thought "ooo old door, I love photos of old doors" ... I am now worried about my self...

I posted this on ephotozine a while back with the comment "This was shot in near darkness so exuse the bluryness but it was handheld (with wine) at and 8th"