Panasonic release new m43 Kit

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Panasonic Introduce new Touch-Control, Creative, HD Compact System Camera at Photokina 2010


LUMIX G Micro System - DMC-GH2

Today at Photokina 2010, Panasonic announced the LUMIX DMC-GH2 as the latest member of the New Generation System Camera LUMIX G Micro System. Fully compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard, the LUMIX G Micro System combines a downsized body with advanced functions that achieve both high performance and operational comfort.

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Three New Lenses for LUMIX G Micro System

Panasonic is pleased to introduce three new interchangeable lenses based on the Micro Four Thirds System standard from the LUMIX G Micro System. All lenses realise high optical performance and compactness with many technical advantages.

Single Focal Length Lens - LUMIX G 14mm / F2.5 ASPH (H-H014)


Telephoto Zoom Lens - LUMIX G VARIO 100-300mm / F4.0-5.6 / MEGA O.I.S. (H-FS100300)


3D Lens - LUMIX G 12.5mm / F12 (H-FT012)


i saw this 3d lens a while ago, so i know its not a completely new release, but interesting non the less... i wonder when there will be a replacement for the gf1 too??
Im with you on the Micro 4/3s Pete. There nice an all, but I just can't take one seriously enough. I'm new-ish to photography and Im at the honeymoon stage of lugging around kit and I enjoy it. On the other hand, I can see why some people would use them; but I'm not at that stage.
I guess it must be a what you're used to. I've been carrying heavyish film cameras around for so long I barely notice. OK, a D3 is a bit of a lump but, with one lens, it's not too bad especially if you have gone out specifically to photograph something (hunting of you like). I do carry a P&S quite often although it can be a bit frustrating at times (hence interest in new Fuji) but the M9 is a good travel camera for digital (Mamiya 7 for film). Going to a smaller format, especially with lots of options, just doesn't appeal.
I have contemplated one specifically for street photography. About the size, and no more noticeable, than the Leica M3 I used for street during film days. A normal zoom on the camera, and a small tele-zoom in the pocket for great mobility. Adequate quality in daylight shooting, and I have the D700 for night and planned shoots. I have found in the past with high-end Coolpix cameras while they were still available, that an articulated monitor is great on the street. When the camera is no longer in the direct line of sight, people tend to relax.
Pete, another thing to take into conceideration is that the m43 cameras for some people (me for one) is a substitute for an m8/9 (when they couldn't find a repair agent for thier rd1) if you have one of those then I can see why it would be of no interest!
Hi Hamish,

Yes, you are right of course. What I was trying to say (but badly), is that I would prefer manufacturers to include bigger sensors with less gadgetry and try to build on existing systems rather than create a new format all the time. I know why they do it commercially of course but I still find the end reulst, so far, rather unexiting. The new Fuji certainly sounds much closer to what I woudl like to see than another m4/3 system. The pblem with P&S is the speed of the AF for gabbing moments and the problem with smaller sensors is their ability to cope with difficult lighting (and the introduction of artefacts). I wish these could be addressed before new 'features' were added.