Penderyn Whiskey

Darren Turner


Local ISH welsh whiskey............real good stuff.......!!
So now you've advertised it, when do we get the free bottles?

Lovely warm pic Daz - super golden tones. In fact, you've got me wanting a wee dram of Isle of Jura now....
lovely lighting on the the image Darren, I got some Merlin here mind you its been here three years cos I don't like it lol and its deffo local for me I live by the distillery lol
I'm not an alky and I'm not anything like a connoisseur, but I do like a little drop of single malt, yes!
Very, very nice. I like the lighting. Tungsten light behind?

the light behind is just a simple tea light candle, image taken in a pitch black room.

We have some merlin on the bar Laurie, i love it, very simmilar to baileys but nice IMO