Spent a couple of days in Philadelphia and had a few hours to myself that I wasn't expecting to have. I only took my small Ricoh with me but it made a pretty decent job. Here are few of the results. The rest are at




All shot using a Ricoh GR Digital III. Post processed in LR3 / PS.
Looks very gritty - which I hear might suit the feel of the place itself?
Pete - I really like #60 from the album - very nice
Thanks Chris. I also like the next one showing the contrast of the two buildings - I couldn't get any further back though (without getting mown down).

The effect is a modification of the 300 preset. I use a different tone curve and increase the saturation of the red and orange. This is lazy way of doing a cross process simulation with BP. In some cases I also used burn tone. As you say Chris, the brown tone and slight push in contrast give a gritty feel that seemed right for Philadelphia.