Poor mans Video.

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Seeing as my Camera lack the Video function button I have to do mine the hard way.

As Paul wanted to see the rest of the Photos regarding the boys playing football. I thought I'd post the whole thing here. This is what I enjoy doing when I come back from my travels( no more for a while now :( ). I enjoy finding the music and getting the editing right, I think thats why I don't want video on the camera, A still picture at times can say so much more although at other times I look at a scene an wish I had video.

I hope it's ok to post this here. If not please remove.

Here's another I made. I put alot more thought into this, even down to the time of year and music(although the music is poor quality). Theres a particular picture in this that I'm seriously considering sending to the Sun, you would have to see it bigger to see why. the picture is at 1:15 -1:23.