Testing Q3 jpegs in b&w

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
Most of the reviews of the Leica Q3 dismiss its jpeg quality, but all the ones I've seen reviews of refer to colour images. I thought I'd try out the b&w jpeg quality, and it's much better than the colour versions. It makes a not bad quick b&w camera for when the occasion arises. Of course, you got edit the colour raw files for a higher-quality image.

1. One of my favourite films, with the delectable Jeanne Moreau, and improvised music by Miles Davis. Makes a great album too. I choose to give this the Kodalith treatment in Exposure 7 to roughen it up a bit.

Miles Davis Jean Moreau.jpg

2. Erm...a light...

Shade Kodalith.jpg

3. Susan at work

Susan at work.jpg

4. Through a glass half darkly

Unedited b&w jay cropped.jpg

And as a little treat for looking this far, here's a clip from the movie:

It won’t be your last, Gary!
I'm anxiously awaiting my Leica's 1st roll of film's arrival at the lab. That said, I'd have a hard time justifying any additional cameras with 4 film cameras and 5 digital (each of which I use for specific things). But you never know...