Porsche 997s at California Speedway

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
CA Speedway is a banked oval circuit, with a complex set of infield curves that are idea for motor sports photography.

There are photo access holes cut into the safety fence on key corners, and accredited photogs can access these locations.

Initial site scouting is done with Google maps - to determine the corners where the sun will be favorable at certain times of the day.

Here are a couple of examples, both taken with the Canon 600mm f4 L lens - note the shallow DOF to isolate the subject, and the tilted horizon to place the car across the diagonal of the frame.

The 1D MKII was set up with AI Servo focus, a single AF point active to aid in AF speed, and evaluative metering.

Shots are RAW, post processed in Photoshop - color balance is adjusted using the grey of the track as a 'neutral' ref.



Catching cars in a bend gives the photographer more options on viewpoint - from straight-on to 3/4.

It also shows the car with the suspension loaded by the G-forces, making a more dynamic shot.