Porthcawl S.Wales

Laurie Parker

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Paid a visit to Porthcawl few weeks ago as I had not been there in many years, couldnt believe how much this place has been cleaned up and altered.



love the rocks in the last one some strange patterns forming in that limestone, had to shrink these quite a bit as originals are 100opixels on the wideside
The forum software automatically fits the images to the width of it's self so don't worry to much about resizing :)

Not only that, but if you leave them big, by right-clicking the image and opening it in a new window or tab, you can then see the thing in its full glory. Well it worked with my panorama, anyway.

oooh thats handy too, cos I find when they at 1000pixels at widest there is always more detail seems to vanish when they smaller, mind you that could be just me lol
Don't know what people think, but perhaps we could flag up wide pictures in the title, so that anyone wanting to view the pic full-size would know that they can get extra detail by opening it up full-size.

#2 is a stunner - great depth, and that sky is to die for!

With all that detail, I bet it would make a stunning high contrast B&W print.
cheers Chris I will give it a go with a B&W conversion, the more I look at it the more I can now imagine it in B&W so will try this later, was luckly with that sky, when I arrived there it was grey overcast and very miserable looking within two hours gorgeous blue sky appeared with some great looking clouds
No 2 is a belter spot on