Posting Images From My Flickr

Darren Turner

into my posts on the this forum........!!

Is this possible ? if so can somebody tell me how...:rolleyes:

I dont really use photobucket anymore but will do if needs must.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

i know it can be done... Paul was going to do me a tutorial i think..... ...... but that might have been for something else....
can anyone help daz... id like to know to so i can sack off that bloody slow and clunky photobucket
I would also be intersted in this , I have a flickr paid for pro account with lots of photos and dont really like using photobucket with all its adverts.

Find your pic on flickr

Open up the pic in the size you want

Scroll down to "Grab the photo's URL" (ooer missus)

Highlight the URL in the box and copy it to the clipboard by your preferred method

Click back to the forum

Type in "" (without the quotes)

Paste in the link from your clipboard

Type in "" (without the quotes)

Submit the thread

That's how I did it with the "Thornton-le-Dale" photo, and it seemed to work.

Have a blast

i am already stuck grez on "Open up the pic in the size you want" it just aint an option i can find, neither is "Grab the photo's URL"

Sorry for trouble i am being a bit thick.........i could do it before flickr all changed around its desing.......grrrrrrrrrrrr

OK. Open up flickr and you get your photostream.

Select the thumbnail of your photo. A preview shot will come up

Click "all sizes" above the preview. You will be presented with a new screen that shows you a larger pic and a selection of sizes to choose from. Then follow the previous instructions.

HOWEVER, if you're using the new flickr photo page try this:

Select the thumbnail from your photostream A preview page will appear. Above your pic will be a drop-down box marked "Share this"

Drop down the box and click "Grab the link"

Copy the link that pops up and paste it using the
scheme as above.

Hope this makes sense.

result.......i was using the new version of flickr and i was doing something simmilar to this grez but it wouldn work..........i have just reverted back to old flickr and it worked woop woop.

Cheers for you patience


PS yes that was black country museum