RA4 reversal daffodils

Dave Walker

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I have been experimenting with RA4 colour paper reversal, creating unique direct positive colour prints in-camera on darkroom paper.

Over the last year or so I've tweaked and adjusted my method and recently had a bit of a breakthrough in filtration.

Using only low-cost filters in current production and off-the-shelf chemistry, my colour balance in sunshine is looking pretty good to my eye.

It's a whole lot of fun, and I've been grinning since I saw this one appear in the developing tray this morning.

This is a 4x5, shot in a Chroma camera and processed in a Pinsta.

Happy to share details for anybody interested.

This image is quite beautiful Dave.

shot in a Chroma camera and processed in a Pinsta
First time I have heard of the Chroma camera. I'm guessing you transferred the paper to the Pinsta in a darkroom (or changing bag) but you also mention the developing tray so I really don't understand.