RAW Codec Downloads

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
I thought it might be a useful resource to compile a list of raw codecs.

These are useful as thy allow windows to recognise raw files

If you have any to add or update let me know and i will add them to his opening post

Please read all of the related documentation to the codec you wish to install


LUMIX RAW Codec software is a plug-in software that enables the display of LUMIX RAW image files(which have the extention of .RW2) when installed in Windows Vista® for Windows Explorer or Windows Photo Gallery in the same way as JPEG files.



NEF Codec is a module that makes Nikon RAW (.NEF) image files as easy to work with as JPEG and TIFF images.


This thread is purely for information, RPF has not tested all of these codecs

Windows seem to have got them selves in order and released a Raw Codec Pack for 32bit and more importantly (for me at least ;) ) 64bit windus

interesting... i have always used Capture one Phase one as my raw converter, will look in to these
This is purely for viewing raw files as apposed to converting them
It seems it allows you to view them in windows photo viewer, which is very useful if you ask me!

Was wanting to download one myself for viewing in windows, as I use the adobe one for photoshop to view and convert, but would be nice to have one just to view, usually if I am just wanting to view the Raw's I use picassa,and its the 64bit I'm needing also
This sort of thing should be downloaded as a matter of course in my opinion ... If you have a camera, shoot raw, and use a windows - having the codecs to view the raw photos pre edit is a basic necessity I think!

Yeah but from previous experience with anything that updates with Windows I prefer to see any reviews first lol

I know what you mean, I was told the Microsoft mantra is "If at first you don't succeed,call it version 2"


I am suprised Windows viewer does not preview the small jpeg within the RAW file anyway ?? Being a MAC user I am glad I dont have these problems.
I usually use Picasso to view the Raws rather than fire Photoshop up just to see if images from a particular day out are ok, then once viewed there I open photoshop to do any editing etc,so its not really a problem for me to view them, and the very thought of a Windows update or anything put on here without waiting for at least a month after release and seeing what others have said sends shivers down my spine lol.

The worse was one of their updates on windowsxp which apparently was the cause of many pc's randomly shutting themselves off was enough for me,since then I always manually update and check everything first lol, so far so good with Windows 7 well except for the pain in the neck it is on a largish home network
I shouldn't worry to much about this, ita not really in the category of update ... More just an add on, and it's only a codec pack
I'm a healthy windows sceptic too, but really the best answer to it is to back up regularly and reformat probably nearly every 6 months! It's a ball ache for sure, but having taken that approach since 95 I find it is one that I'm comfortable with! I'd buy a mac if it wasn't for the ££££
My last pc windowsxp Hamish was never reformatted in the five years I had it, actually I still have it its upstairs now being used as a clone pc for this one ( everything looks same, same programs just on winxp instead of 7), I was very lucky with that pc never had any problems whatsoever except for that crazy inclusion in one of windows updates which caused the problem of it shutting off, I just worked way through it found the culprit file and removed no problems since.

I don't believe in reformatting myself if a problem occurs, I will try and work my way through a problem, have done so on many peoples pc's when they have had issues,for me reformatting is a last resort,and fortunately something I haven't had to do.

But we all have different ways I suppose of keeping things ticking over lol

I'd buy a mac if it wasn't for the ££££[/QUOTE]

Go on, get yourself into an Apple store ! If you way up the inside of a Mac to a PC & use exactly the same spec hardware , all of a sudden an Apple is not that much more expensive for a desktop machine & think of all the time you would save not having to worry about virus's, & there quicker to & much better looking.
If you really really must run Microsoft Windows, they do that to.