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i love doing this sort of photography, so excuse the pun

if you have a look in the snap shots section you will see that me and barry went out for a few beers on saturday night

this is one of the photos i took on the way home, i also edited it whilst fairly inebriated to get the full effect ;) ...

I rather like this shot. It leaves a lot unsiad - who is he? Is he known to the photographer? Where is it taken? etc.
I like this too, has a nice feel to it
Ha, well one hit and one miss from the weekend... The worry is the hit was taken and edited whilst heavily inebriated ...
I was only telling Barry on sunday if I could go to any place in time it would possibly be late 19th century Paris to be an artist surrounded by ... Well basically absinthe ... Maybe inwould have fit in quote well!
I was simply drawing on your questions Tim.
Leading to the inspiration thread and the meaning of images on here, I would have asked different questions. "Why is he alone"? Is he drunk or High"? Why does he look so despondent"? Where did he get those lovely jeans"?

I, of course, know all the answers, but it begs the question:

Why would one look at an image and ask questions like...

- who is he? Is he known to the photographer? Where is it taken? etc.

...and then NOT give a toss about the answers?
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Nice shot love the processing and tones in the image.

I think what Tim means by not giving a toss about the answers is sometimes when you look at an image it has an element of the unknown about it and it makes you think of all these questions, but although answers are great sometimes the element of the unknown is enough to get you captured whilst viewing and knowing the reality of an image and its subjects takes away the feeling you get when viewing, once you have answers its no longer intriguing to the viewer.

Does that make sense lolol?
Heh, you will no doubt get used to Barrys sence of humour... It's the problem with forums eh, sence of humour offer falls short ... I encourage the use of these things ;) :) :( a little wink makes a laugh a laugh :)