Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
Water of Leith, Edinburgh. Some of you might remember the Anthony Gormley standing figure in one of my recent images (where I threw a grannie into the river, just to get a splash ;)). Here's another of the series, taken from the Stock Bridge. I wish the statue was not so dull - difficult to draw attention to it with all else that is going on. On the other hand, it's fun to have your eye suddenly rest on it, no matter how indistinct. Q3 this morning.

More about the Gormley series here: https://www.waterofleith.org.uk/art-and-attractions/antony-gormley-statues/

RiverMan 04 (1).jpg

I think it works rather well. One's initial attention is taken by all the beautiful foliage contrasting with the smooth textures of the rocks and water.... then you notice the statue. Once seen, though, the eye is drawn to it, it's shadowy reflection underlining it's presence. Man in Nature, not above it. A subtle but important reminder. Nice one.