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Gary R. Smith

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Along the top of the page there are drop downs for MEDIA and RESOURCES. On the MEMBERS page there are drop downs for MOST MESSAGES, HIGHEST REACTION SCORE and MOST POINTS (all of which have been populated by a few individuals who are still active).

There is no explanation for how one goes about getting a reaction score or points. Nor is there any indication of just what media items, resources or albums might be (or how/why they'd be of interest or created). It all seems intriguing. Also there's no listing of members or who the most recently active are.

It seems that Hamish had ideas that have never been implemented or realized here.

Gary I can't recall with precision but I think some of the things you mentioned were once posted on RPF. They may have dropped off when H revamped the site a while back.
If MOST MESSAGES, HIGHEST REACTION SCORE and MOST POINTS are no longer tracked, let's get rid of the tally on the MEMBERS page. Otherwise, it would be grand if the counts were zeroed out and became relevant for those of us who are currently participating. The only person in the top 2 of all of those listings is Rob and he's still active and vital. You show up in the top 3 Brian, but I've never seen most of the rest. Who is responsible for approving added media?
I would definitely not refer to me as being vital
Oh come on Rob, I'd say that your enthusiasm for both music and photography is vital!

I'm not saying that I want to be on top of any list, it's just that the lists seem rather dated. Perhaps most posts this week or month or year? There's no way that (m)any of the new folks who discovered this forum recently can ever compete with those who were active here years ago but who also haven't visited in years.
Damn, I didn't realise that @Rob MacKillop had topped me on the highest reaction score! Good idea, Gary, let's get rid of it! ;)

These stats. were built into the original implementation of the XenForo platform and were migrated across when we had the site rebuilt by XenForo on their cloud platform. The large numbers of posts and 'likes' (probably HFFs) were generated when the site was much more active and populated by more members. The points thing never seemed to work and to be honest I have no idea what the metric is.

I'll have a look to see what can be done to make it more useful: I have to confess though that this is the first time I have looked at them since the migration!
Thanks Pete!
I added media last night to several categories and got the notice that it had to be approved. I don't see them in "my media" maybe you or Brian have that approval power?